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LLP - PAP. Búsqueda de socios para proyecto Comenius

La asociación de aprendizaje Grundtvig "True interaction" cuenta con participantes de Austria, España, Finlandia, Italia, Rumania y Turquía. De este útlimo país es el coordinador del proyecto. CSI·F Enseñanza Madrid es el socio español.

A continuación se expone la petición de búsqueda de socios para el proyecto Comenius que quiere coordinar una institución de enseñanza pública que tiene gran relación con el coordinador turco del proyecto Grundtvig True interaction.

Las personas intersadas pueden ponerse en contacto directamente en los teléfonos o correo que figuran al final del texto.

De: bunyamin sonmez []

Enviado el: Martes. 05:39 p.m.
Asunto: Request for Comenius School Partnerships - Democracy Education Project

Hi Paco, How are you?
Please, can you find a primary school partner for the comenius school partnerships project. I have to find it.

Our Project subject is,
“Democracy Education and School student councils"

Democracy isn’t only a political concept.Democracy in which there are social values is a social phenomenon that affects the entire life of individuals.In order to enable democratic order continue and implement democracy in best way primarily democracy must be taught correctly.For this purpose individuals forming the society must be comprehended the essence of democracy starting from an early age.With democracy education in schools student must be earned to make rational choices,understand the importance of rules of law in life,show tolerance,question the information provided by mass media,be active in social and political life,be participant having individual power in the choices he made in all areas of hi s life.The people who will play active roles in the development of the country are trained with education given in schools.If in society standards of democratic life which will ensure the development of democracy is desired to establish , the students who will be tomorrow’s elders should be prepared for life by educating with democratic values.The European Council attaches great importance to democracy and human rights issues.Turkey makes changes in its social life and education system to enter the European Union.In this respect in order to educate individuals respecting democracy and human rights in their social lives, teaching the subjects of democracy and human rights must be taken enough care.In addition, with democracy education and School Assemblies Projects’ applications it’s aimed to educate individuals respecting democracy and human rights.From this point of view I think it will not be wrong to say that the Project is compatible with the national priorities of the European Union.It shouldn’t be forgotten that the people who are responsible for the first degree in giving democracy education to the students are teachers.However, school administrators are responsible for providing the necessary environment for democracy education and ensure execution of work without delay.School administrator’s providing necessary resources for the teaching ,arranging classroom activities influence teachers’ attitudes towards school and provide a more meticulous study.Thus, school administrator is in charge of reviewing the failure of the mechanism of the student assemblies and providing students to study more effectively.Teachers are the people whom carry out the student assembly work. School adminstrators’ and teachers’ working in coordination will bring success to School Assembly Project, so society that has democracy consciousness will for m.If you work with us in our Comenius Project that will be prepared in the light of all these data , we will be too glad because of this.

IMKB Prof.Dr. Faruk Kadri Timurtas Primary School locating in Sincan in Ankara has continued its duty with the staff of 4 administrators,91 teachers,1 officer and 2 employee since 01.01.2006.In our school there are 2 laboratories,34 classrooms ,1 meeting hall and 1 library.1140 male students,1104 female students in total 2244 students benefit from these facilities.

Our, The other partners:
See you on March.
Best Regards
Phone:+90(312) 263 72 72 && pbx: +90(312) 264 49 39

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