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LLP - PAP. Búsqueda de socios para proyecto Comenius desde Rumania

Para desarrollar un proyecto Comenius, se adjuntan nuevos datos e información de una institución rumana fiable y solvente en este terreno.

Interesados, pueden contactar directamente.

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Asunto: comenius project

My name is Daniela Bobocea and I am writing to you at the recommendation of Lidia Iliea from Dumitru Motoc High School, Romania, for those who don't know me. I am an English teacher at the same school and I am interested in doing a Comenius multilateral project based on tourism, traditions etc. I thought of a title, but it's just an idea, "Travelling through Europe - a must for the tourism students". If you have any other ideas, or suggestions for the title, please, tell me. We could be the coordinator of the project.

I am sending you some information about my school.
I would be very glad if you joined my project. We have some experience and I think we can do a successful project. The more partners, the better.
Dumitru Motoc High School is a preuniversitary institution for vocational and technical education from Galati. Our school has 69 classes (from the IX th to the XIII th forms) divided this way:

- 33 high school classes: morning, evening and distance learning with the following types and qualifications:
-Natural Resources and the protection of the environment with the qualifications: food analyzing technician, ecologist technician
- Services with the qualifications: tourism technician
- 36 vocational classes, morning and evening classes with the following qualifications:
- at the first level of education: worker in milling and bread manufacture; worker in food industry and in hotel industry
- at the second level: worker in hotel industry, waiter, cook, confectioner
- at the third level: food industry technician, gastronomy technician, hotel industry technician and banqueting organizer.

The school has many IT resources: three IT modern labs, a network system with non –stop access to the internet, multimedia instruments, application software, which are used during classes according to the syllabus.
The school teachers are qualified in using the computers, have attended formation courses and are active users. All our teachers are qualified and the majority have teaching degrees and Master’s Degree diplomas.
In our school there are also 2 training-firms registered in the national network of the training-firms as travel agencies and other 8 not-registered training-firms. 
I am looking forward for your answer!
Best wishes,
Daniela Bobocea
Dumitru Motoc High School

Galati, Romania

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